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What people are saying about 12 Stones


Karl K.: Excellent Crossfit box with a focus on teaching fitness for health. Knowledgable and personable coaches. Welcoming staff and customer group. Highly recommended for anyone interested in personal improvement no matter what level of fitness they are at.

Tamela T.: I have been going for 3 months and absolutely love this place! From a girl who has never liked to work out, your expertise, training and positive motivation has transformed me to a confident, strong girl who LOVES to come and work. THANK YOU!

Charlie G.: I recently completed the 6 week challenge at CrossFit12 Stones and I had a blast. I was hesitant at first because I was not what you call an athlete, but after going in and talking to Todd and Aryn (Owners/Coach's) I found I didn't need to be one. They both worked with me during the workouts and provided me with plenty of motivation to finish each workout strong. After about 4 weeks I noticed I had more energy, gained muscle, and felt better about myself. In addition, I went from a size XL shirt to Lg, and size 36 in pants down to a 34. I highly recommend CrossFit 12 Stones! Thanks Todd & Aryn!

Kirk G.: If your looking to get in shape I could not recommend a better place. Have been here since they opened and have lost over 40,lbs. It's great that they help me meet my fitness goals but they also help me out with my nutrition goals as well... BOTTOM LINE IS THEY CARE..!!!

Linda L.: Welcoming and encouraging coaches with the desire and knowledge to help anyone at any level with their overall fitness goals. CrossFit 12 Stones is always available to answer questions and demonstrate proper techniques, etc. If you put in the time, you won’t be disappointed.