Drop and give me 20!

As you are finishing the last 10 sit-ups before you have to jump back on the rower, back on the ground, staring up at the ceiling, you think to yourself,"How hard do I really want to row?"

This is a question that a lot of people toss around and guess what - it's normal! While we are getting into a fitness routine we start by learning the limits of our body. As we continue to create this awesome new habit our bodies naturally start to change and the good news is, so do our workouts. 

You may have started this journey doing ring rows instead of pull-ups, dead lifting a barbell with no weight, or walking the 400 meters instead of running. Now that you are able to do that much more, how do you continue to build that strength?

With the newfound strength, and most importantly the fundamentals of how to move safely, it's now time to bring up the intensity. No - that does not mean that the coaches will be yelling at your to drop and give them 20 and it still doesn't mean throwing on 50 pounds more than what you PR'd your last deadlift at. What this means is it's time to push yourself just a little harder. Try not to take that break during your burpees, try to row harder, and throw on an extra 5 pounds on the barbell if you have been cycling it with ease. 

Always at the core the goal is to move safely and efficiently, but with intensity you will get that much stronger and push yourself to to accomplish more than you thought was possible. If you ever are on the edge of wondering if you should be picking up the intensity - connect with a coach and we will always work to see what is the best workout for you! 

Aryn Stone