CrossFit Class


The CrossFit class is designed to be functional movements that translate into strength you can use on any given day. Picking up groceries? That's a deadlift. Pushing your car through the intersection after it broke down? That's a sled push. Playing with your kids as you throw them in the air? That's a push press.

What you see on TV are professional CrossFit athletes. These are amazing athletes that commit hours each day to making it to that stage.  What is not shown are the people that do CrossFit for one hour several days a week just to stay healthy. 

During this class time you will have a coach that leads you through a proper warm-up, a strength/technique session, and end with a conditioning workout, called a WOD (Workout of the Day).

A typical CrossFit class will consist of barbells, running, gymnast style movements, dumbbells, and more. 

We start every member on our Foundations Series. This is where a coach works with you 1-on-1 to make sure you can understand the movements before jumping into a group class. So don’t worry about knowing the movements before you start, we have you covered!

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