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We all know how it goes. January rolls around and it’s time to set those New Year resolutions. We each get fired up and go hard for 1-2 weeks, but then life happens and we fall off the wagon. At CrossFit 12 Stones we want to help you ride that wave for the rest of your life. and show that you don’t need a new year to start on those goals. We are here to help you create habits that are long-lasting.

With the New Year, comes lots of new people coming into the gym which sometimes contributes to the daunting factor. You buy those new sneakers and grab the sweatshirt your family got you for Christmas and hit the gym. You have it all planned out - start with 30 minutes on the treadmill, then go to one of those machines you saw someone use once, try to figure it out, see people watching and decide that was enough for the day. Come back the next day, but all the treadmills are full - what to do now??

At CrossFit 12 Stones we take all of the guess work out of your workouts. You just need to show up and work hard. We will be there to teach you the movements, correct your form, scale to your ability, and encourage you along the way. We commit to changing the way you view the gym, guiding you along holiday eating, and check-in regularly to make sure you are hitting your goals.


Why Join Now?


We are only allowing 10 members sign up to join in the month of January. That may leave you scratching your head and wondering why. Our team wants to focus on providing everyone top of the line coaching and individual attention. There won’t be a need to throw elbows to claim your space or get help from a coach. We will help you reach your goals by:

  • Starting with personal training

  • Individual Attention

  • Personalized Coaching

  • Nutrition Guidance

Don’t delay and sign up today before the spots are filled!