12 Stones Story.

We exist to empower each person to know that they are capable of anything.

At CrossFit 12 Stones we want anyone, no matter where they are in their journey, to feel comfortable when they walk through our doors.

When you walk through the doors of CrossFit 12 Stones you will feel a sense of belonging. There will be days where you will feel uncertain of your goals, but 12 Stones will be your consistent factor. Each person brings something unique to the table and 12 Stones promises to meet you where you are. 

The owners of 12 Stones started the journey of opening this gym back in 2014, when they were sitting across the table daydreaming about opening a CrossFit gym. Their dreams centered around creating a place that encourages the 10 year old to tryout for the football team, building the strength of the 80 year old to pick up their groceries, and a place where people see their own dreams become a reality. 

With years of immersion in the health and fitness community, the staff has a wealth of information from proper form to tips for preparing your meals to stay on track. The staff is devoted to furthering their education to provide the best coaching and guidance to their members.