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Todd Stone - Owner/Lead Coach

Todd is known for his superhuman strength, but more importantly he is known for his approachable coaching style. Todd graduated with a Physiology degree from Central Washington University and has committed his career to helping people through their fitness journey.

CrossFit became a part of his journey, while attending CWU. What he loved most, other than back squatting, was receiving texts when he didn't show up to a class. People cared - they cared about him specifically.

Since then, Todd has continued his education by completing CrossFit Level 1, Aerobic Capacity, CrossFit Football, and is taking courses with Power Athlete HQ.

Todd gets excited when he sees heavy thrusters and box jumps in a workout. When he isn't spending time in the gym you will find him scouting for the newest puppy Instagram account to follow, reading a young adult book series, and adding to his t-shirt collection.

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Aryn Stone - Owner/Business Manager

Aryn is a graduate of Business and Communications from Seattle Pacific University. She grew up an athlete, with basketball being her sport of choice. It wasn't until Aryn met Todd that she was interested in CrossFit. Todd took Aryn to CrossFit Regionals in 2014 and she was hooked. Aryn had always wanted to try CrossFit, but people told her she was crazy. Todd was the one that told her she could do it. She drank the KoolAid.

Since then Aryn has dove in, full force. She has received her Level 1 CrossFit Certificate and has been an active member in the community. From coaching to competing, she loves everything CrossFit has to offer.

Some of her favorites related to CrossFit are double unders and power cleans. Outside of the gym she obsesses over trying new recipes, reading, and being crafty - pretty much a 20 something grandma, but she embraces it.